Hey, look! Another core basic feature of the game that many new players don’t do properly.

It is imperative to aim well in order to damage your opponents (obviously), so why do people not take their time to aim fully? If you are in no immediate danger or are in a protected position take your time and fully aim your shots. Even if you are in danger of return fire, if you know your armour has the ability to ricochet then take your time. Similarly, don’t wait for your reload to complete before starting to aim as this will minimise your damage per minute output.

On the other hand, it is important to know when you should take a snap shot instead of aiming fully. If you are exposed but have somewhere where you can quickly retreat to, then it is often a good idea to take a fast shot that isn’t fully aimed whilst you pull back. At least there is then a chance that you might damage an enemy tank but most importantly you won’t be sitting out in the open taking damage as you line up your shot.

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