Maximizing Your Gold

Using gold wisely can be difficult at times since you can easily blow it quickly on the numerous options to spend it on.  While there is no “wrong” way of using gold there are some options that are not very cost effective and/or worth it for using your precious gold on.

Promotional Packages/Codes

Occasionally there will be codes that are offered by companies like Logitech or gaming websites that give away low tier premium tanks and/or small amounts of gold.  Finding them can be difficult if you do not check the forums or look around a bit outside of the game but generally codes pop up around a … Read more

The In-Game Currency

The main option of buying gold for your own use is to use the option on the official World of Tanks website for your server. Buying in large bundles will get you the best value for your money and is the option you will most likely use the majority of the time.

Gift Shop

While the gift shop might seem to offer many great “deals” and specials it is not ideal for purchasing gold or packages for yourself.  The concept of the gift shop is for buying others packages and the packages usually have the worst dollar:gold exchange compared to buying gold directly.  The only exception is when offers … Read more

Download a modpack

This is more of a suggestion than a ‘must do’ tip, however, mods can absolutely help to improve your play by making simple but helpful additions to your HUD. There are a huge number of mods to choose from but I personally use Quickbaby’s modpack as shown in the video above. The reason for this … Read more

Play with people of equal or better skill

Platooning with people is definitely a way of improving your basic skills and teamwork as you can co-ordinate with your platoon members more easily than random people on your team. The latest version of the WoT server allows players to form platoons from the battle map itself, making it easier than ever to find players to … Read more

Don’t pointlessly put your tank at risk

This is something that a huge number of new players and bad light tank drivers do way too much. Suicide running is not the way to go and any heavy, medium or tank destroyer drivers that think they can take on the whole enemy team by themselves, isolated and alone, will soon realise they cannot. … Read more


Hey, look! Another core basic feature of the game that many new players don’t do properly. It is imperative to aim well in order to damage your opponents (obviously), so why do people not take their time to aim fully? If you are in no immediate danger or are in a protected position take your … Read more

Upgrading your tank

This is a pretty fundamental part of World of Tanks but it is important to remember one simple rule when it comes to upgrades. Always go for the tracks and best gun first! The gun is your ticket to earning experience and credits which you can use to buy and install the rest of your upgrades. Without … Read more

Playing Outside Your Tank’s Niche

As you learn more about World of Tanks and pick up small things to perform better you can start to push outside of the general play style of your tanks more.  This means that instead of sitting back in a tank destroyer since you do not have a turret, you could instead be more aggressive … Read more