About XVM

XVM – it’s a modification that shows player skills. It’s a very useful tool that allows you to predict with great precise what can you except of your enemy and your ally. Additionally, before every battle it shows chances for winning and after it a thorough debriefing. For XVM to work properly you must activate … Read more

Tank Marker

Left yellow digit – vehicle tier. Two middle digits – the percentage of health points left. Two digits at sides – player level – XVM. The color of those digits changes depending on player skills. Lower right corner – white digits – the number of battles played by the enemy with that tank. Tank name … Read more

Modified Map

Show vehicle name. The drawing range (tanks outside the red frame are unseen – the game engine doesn’t show them but you can hit them with the blind shoot). The white line shows the direction of your camera. The orange circle shows the theoretical vision range. A small white field around your tank shows a … Read more

Damage Indicator

Shows direction from which you were shot, even if the enemy vehicle isn’t discovered. In red hits with penetration, in gray without.

Info Panel

Basic vehicle information after moving your pointer at him. Even if you know all vehicle parameters, thanks to this panel you will know which gun does your enemy has installed. The red information is very helpful, it shows enemy reload time. It tells you how much time you have after the enemy shoots for riding … Read more

Hit Log

It shows information who shot you, with what ammunition type and when will he reload. Information that you are shot with gold ammunition (very expensive, with far greater armor penetration) is especially helpful, you know then that chances of receiving damage greatly increases.

The most popular WoT mods

Finding the best World of Tanks mods is even easier than spotting this camouflaged tank in cover Now that you know where to find World of Tanks mods and how to download them, it’s time to go over the most popular mod options. Some of the most popular World of Tanks mods of all time … Read more

How to download and install mods

Make your fights even more immersive with mods covering many quality of life changes among other things Sometimes the process for downloading and implement mods for games seems more complicated than developing the mods yourself. While this is of course never true, downloading and installing mods for World of Tanks is much easier than the … Read more

About the WoT Mods

World of Tanks is a multiplayer wargame that lets players fight in some of the iconic tanks of history. While the game has evolved its presence beyond PC to all kinds of consoles and even mobile, mods are a huge part of World of Tanks on PC. Mods are so important to the game that … Read more