Playing Outside Your Tank’s Niche

As you learn more about World of Tanks and pick up small things to perform better you can start to push outside of the general play style of your tanks more.  This means that instead of sitting back in a tank destroyer since you do not have a turret, you could instead be more aggressive … Read more

Map Awareness

Most players who stick with World of Tanks are capable of looking at the mini-map(sometimes) but few can truly understand what all those green and red dots mean.  Knowing where you should be on the map based on the known locations of enemies and where you teammates are positioned is a difficult task.  There is … Read more

Using Your Gun as Armor

The gun module in World of Tanks as you should(I hope) know by now is not a solid object and the projectile is actually fired from just within the tank’s turret behind the gun.  However, the gun module can soak up shells and counts as spaced armor as well as not being able to receive … Read more

Your hit matters

Where you’re hit matters just as much as whether you’re hit at all. “Always have your tracks showing rather than the superstructure of the tank because tracks don’t take any damage,” says Maxfield. “Also angle your armour as much as possible. If your armour is angled they’re less likely to be able to penetrate your … Read more

Taking one for the team

“The more guns in the game, the more likely you are to win,” says Maxfield. “If you lose a player you can lose a lot more easily. Even if you have to lose some HP drive in front of your mate [when they’re in danger]. If he doesn’t die and you lose 300 HP so … Read more

Think about what your opponents are doing

Then run rings around them. “Seeing your enemy’s plan can, and often should, influence your approach in many ways,” says Passemard. “For example, if your enemy picks a heavy setup in an open map, you can use their weakness to flank them and change your position many times. With a slow composition, your opponent can’t … Read more

Don’t be that lone tanker

“Always think about your team,” Maxfield says. “You should never be in a situation where you’re unsupported no matter how good a player you are. You should always have someone with line of sight on you. That’s the most important thing for beginners, otherwise they just drive into the middle of nowhere and get themselves … Read more

The basics of shooting

Look sharp, Maxfield says. “The smaller the reticule on your gun the more accurate your shots. There’s also aiming time which is the speed at which the reticule decreases in size. The faster it goes small the more quickly you can be accurate.” Just as important as accuracy is aiming for the right point to … Read more

Always be thinking of your next move

“You’re moving from cover to cover, from A to B and you’re always thinking about what’s at B. You don’t want to get there and be like ‘Well… I’m in the middle of a field’. The average battle time is seven and a half minutes so that’s seven and a half minutes thinking about your … Read more

How to choose a tank

Unsurprisingly, Maxfield says that terrain is key. “You have city maps and you have open maps and you have hybrid maps which are a mixture. You choose a tank based on that. There are light tanks like the AMX 13 90 which is a lot faster and smaller, but it doesn’t have as much firepower, … Read more