Playing Outside Your Tank’s Niche

As you learn more about World of Tanks and pick up small things to perform better you can start to push outside of the general play style of your tanks more.  This means that instead of sitting back in a tank destroyer since you do not have a turret, you could instead be more aggressive and take a few more risks.  This is because by now you can react to different situations better than the average player, know small tricks, and understand many tanks/maps by now.  By no means should you try to play as a scout tank in an E-100 or T95 but instead do things you normally wouldn’t expect to do.  Enemies think like you do and expect specific tanks to be in a specific areas at a specific time on each map.  While each World of Tanks match is different in most cases each map plays out similarly in public matches.  When you show up in a heavy tank where there should only be a medium tank it can surprise enemies and cause them to make mistakes.  Changing things up and figuring out what you can change and what you cannot compared to the norm will lead to you finding new things others do not know.  You can’t expect to learn and improve unless you think outside the box from time to time.

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