Rushing Into Enemy Base

In the name of scouting. Get Set… Ready… Go… powwww, watch that scout go… rushing into the enemy base trying to get killed before the timer hits 30 seconds. There’s a term for it too – “suiscouting”.

The objective really is to light up the whole enemy team and die in a blaze of glory.

And since you know that scouts are light tanks, you probably noticed you’re at the bottom tier – up against heavies, and mediums who are tougher than you. Some of the comments you can make are :-

    • “what am i doing here?”


    • “I feel so hopeless”


    • “I cannot damage anyone”


    “MM sucks”


Staying alive and providing reconnaissance for your team in the mid to late game is not important. Finding and killing enemy arty is also not important.

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