The basics of shooting

Look sharp, Maxfield says. “The smaller the reticule on your gun the more accurate your shots. There’s also aiming time which is the speed at which the reticule decreases in size. The faster it goes small the more quickly you can be accurate.”
Just as important as accuracy is aiming for the right point to begin with though, Passemard points out. “Knowing where to aim is an important part of game knowledge. No matter what type of ammunition you use or how big the calibre of your gun is, you will run into significantly bigger problems with penetrating if you shoot the thickest piece of armour. Usually tanks with more alpha damage (damage dealt per shot) have a longer reload time, while vehicles with a small time interval between shots are unable to take out large numbers of hit points with a single round. Tanks equipped with magazines, commonly referred to as autoloaders, can dish out a great deal of damage in a short time, but their drawback is the very long reload time between the short bursts. Take this into account before you engage.”
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