Namco’s new RPG on video

Namco's new RPG on video

The new RPG from Namco Bandai Games finally seems to want to start in detail with a promotional video as well as the first images of Element Hunters .

The scenario will be based on that of the anime of the same name broadcast in Japan and the USA, here is a short synopsis:

“In 2029, after the collapse of the underwater floor in the Mediterranean Sea, elementary chemical elements suddenly disappear from the surface of the planet such as oxygen, carbon, cobalt and gold… Humanity is on the verge of extinction when 60 years later 90% of the population has disappeared. Hope returns when scientists discover that the extinct chemical elements are being sucked into another dimension called “Nega Earth”. Recovering its elements vital to our survival is imperative , a team of young teenagers capable of crossing to the other dimension is set up to bring them back to earth.

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